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Over 230 years of history and distillation expertise, is the unique magical heritage of this true vodka classic. When combined with the finest quality potatoes, that make a superlative spirit & pure Alpine spring water, it is really no surprise that you have a World Class Double Gold Medal winner in Baczewski Monopolowa.

6x70cl @40% abv per case.



A simply quite excellent balance between sweetness and flavour is achieved, only by skilled hands, when using the juice of the very best of selected fruits. Drink it neat, straight from the fridge or over crushed ice. Endless cocktail options are possible, from this orange gem.

6x50cl @ 38% abv per case.


This is a truly fine example of the most heady berry aroma possible. A favourite of the flavoured vodka connoisseur. Not to mention the judges who awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2012.

6x50cl @ 38% abv per case.



The Baczewski genius of blending fresh eggs, vanilla and a secret formula fusion of spices is their masterclass version of this true Polish liqueur classic. Drink it as an aperitif or digestive. With coffee, or over ice-cream. Even use it in cooking, for the perfect custard-base !!

6x50cl @ 16%abv per case.



Baczewski History



 Listen to “COLD BACZEWSKI” song! / Posłuchaj piosenki “ZIMNY BACZEWSKI”!

In 1782 a distillery run by the Baczewski family was founded in Wybranówka, a small suburb of the city of Lwów, capital of Galicia, then part of Austrian Empire, now in Ukraine.  It is recognized as the oldest Polish distillery. In 1810 a small, local spirits factory was inherited by the founder’s son, Leopold Maksymilian Baczewski, who moved the firm to another of Lwów’s suburbs, Zniesienie. The suburb was soon swallowed by the fast-growing metropolis and the factory at Żółkiewska Street started to grow rapidly. The family business was one of four distilleries in Lwów, but it was remarkable for introduction of new technologies.

1782 – the two Geiger in-laws open distilleries in Lwow (Baczewski) and in Zuckmantel, Silesia (Gessler).

1810 – the factory is granted the “K. u. K. Hoflieferant” title

1894 – first bottle shaped pavilion


After the outbreak of the Polish Defensive War of 1939, the factory was bombed by the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Lwów. However, the brand continued to live as a synonym of quality. Its popularity was maintained by many notable writers and poets of the epoch. Last bottles of Baczewski’s spirits were sold for huge prices even 30 years after the war.

1956 – re-establishment of production in the Vienna branch by the Baczewski and Gessler families

1958 – first exposition after the war and export to the USA

2011 – the brand returns to Poland after 72 years on emigration


1918 – first Polish professional advertising campaign

1920 – export of Baczewski to almost all European countries, Canada, USA and Australia

J.A. BACZEWSKI was the most world-wide known Polish brand before the war. The factory was state of the art facility, one of the best in the world if not THE best. Baczewski was also on tables on most important social events of pre-war Poland.

1925 – on the London Spirit Competition J.A. BACZEWSKI products win all possible awards

1930 – J.A. BACZEWSKI products are sent by airfreight to Paris, Prague and Vienna

1939 – the Lwow plant is destroyed by the Luftwaffe