Most recommended spirits to celebrate Christmas with

Most recommended spirits to celebrate Christmas with

The festive period is renowned for being an indulgent and luxurious time of year. Duck fat roasted potatoes are amply strewn across a bulging plate of turkey, cranberry sauce and pork stuffing. After this, box after box of devilish mince pies are hastily disposed of with lashings of thick brandy cream.

In other words, it’s the one time of year where we all unite in being a little bit naughty with our food. But what should you have to drink with this magnificent meal, we hear you cry? Here are a few ideas of things you might like to try this Christmas…

FABLE Cabernet Sauvignon Rouge

The Cabernet Sauvignon red has long been a staple in the cabinets of wine aficionados, and it continues to please during the Christmas period. This grape variety is what made Bordeaux famous, embracing complex blackcurrant and cherry aromas, whilst being complemented by subtle hints of leather and sweet liquorice. This combination makes it a splendid accompaniment for families enjoying beef with their dinner, and the blackcurrant aromas pleasantly improve the flavour of any good quality cranberry sauce.

Eclat Du Rhone

The 2011 vintage won the ‘Challenge International du Vin’, and it’s plain to see why. The Côtes du Rhône region is amongst the top ten in the world for producing great quality wines at reasonably low prices. This wine in particular goes exceptionally well with beef, as well as pork and sage stuffing balls. It’s a full-bodied option, so will also work nicely with any after-dinner cheese boards.


This traditional eastern European sweet liquor is a great way to impress guests with something a little bit different. It’s an ideal accompaniment for dessert and comes in four different flavours. The latest Wiśniowy range has dense cherry notes and would make a nice alternative to an amaretto cocktail. The Pigwowy is a sweet and sour blend with quince, whilst the Sliwkowy focuses on a gentle plum flavour. For something to accompany the indulgent nutty Christmas pudding though, be sure to try out the unusual hazelnut tones of the Orzechowy blend.

Cognac Gautier

This cognac brand is a fantastic aperitif for the Christmas period. Its history boasts ten generations in the same family, starting as far back as the 17th century, when the Gautier family began experimenting with their recipe. The subtle spices, vibrant fruity smells and vanilla tones can add pizzazz to any cocktail, whilst also being suitable on the rocks. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to the currants, raisins and orange peel that are prevalent in mince pies.

Cortel Brandy

This medium amber brandy is exceptional when comparing and contrasting with the Gautier Cognac. Along with the focus on soft vanilla tones and gentle spices, it boasts a full and rounded apricot finish for added fruitiness.

Pere Francois VS Calvados

This after-dinner aperitif is a product of distilled cider, giving it a crisp apple taste. Its flavours are also complemented by aged oak tones, whilst enjoying a decadent smoothness that makes it perfect for fine dining recipes.