Sobieski Vodka wins gold medal at the Vodka Masters 2014

Sobieski Vodka wins gold medal at the Vodka Masters 2014

Sobieski vodka has been awarded a gold medal at the 2014 Vodka Masters competition. The well-known, premium brand continues to be a firm favourite with vodka connoisseurs, despite the fact that vodka from outside Eastern Europe has continued to grow in popularity with some drinkers. A Sobieski company spokesman said­:

“We are delighted that Sobieski has been awarded a gold medal in the Premium round of this year’s Vodka Masters. Despite significant competition from around the world, our fine quality vodka has stayed true to its heritage, offering serious vodka drinkers the opportunity to enjoy tradition and quality at its best. We are also delighted that Sobieski vodka, having been absent in the UK for two years, has now once more been made available to our UK customers by our partners, Top Spirits Ltd. ”

Sobieski Vodka is named after 17th century Polish king and soldier, Jan III Sobieski. Regarded as a premium vodka, as opposed to a “rack” spirit designed for mixers, Sobieski is famous for its Dankowski rye from the Mazowsze region of Poland. Sobieski vodka is available in its pure “original” form, as well as in several subtle flavours; these include espresso, cinnamon, mandarin and vanilla.

The gold medal from the Vodka Masters competition is not the first award Sobieski vodka has received. In a blind tasting in 2007, the Beverage Tasting Institute was sufficiently impressed to award Sobieski another gold medal. They also awarded the spirit 95 points, classifying Sobieski vodkas as both “exceptional” and as a “best buy”, despite Sobieski clearly being in the premium price bracket.

Despite its heritage and demonstrable high quality, which is confirmed by the latest gold medal, Sobieski had for a time been unavailable in the UK. It was reintroduced by its new UK distributors, Top Spirits Ltd. Top Spirits Ltd specialises in the distribution and supply of Polish vodkas, but now also includes many other premium drinks from around the world in its extensive range.

With this new and highly prestigious award from the 2014 Vodka Masters, it is to be expected that the popularity of Sobieski vodka will continue to grow, both in the UK and further afield. Despite the fact that distillers have shown that quality vodkas can be produced outside of Russia and Poland, the history and premium quality of Sobieski vodka firmly establishes it as one the world’s most appreciated and best-selling drinks.